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In my last post, I mentioned  buffalo chicken I made the other night. And, I know at least one person is wondering, So where’s the buffalo chicken? Well, unfortunately, I misplaced my camera after buffalo chicken night and could not upload the picture. In fact, my camera was still M.I.A when I wanted to document my buttermilk pancakes this morning (which explains the poor quality photo taken by my camera phone)! I know, the perfectly scrumptious pancakes were somewhat misrepresented because of me.. If only my camera was around to capture their drool-worthy stature. My fault.

But, Huzzah! Good news.. I found the little fellow! So we are back in business.. finally able to report back to you about buffalo chicken.

Best Buffalo Wing Sauce


1/2 cup butter (1 stick)
1 cup Red Hot Frank’s hot sauce
2 teaspoons cayenne* (I only used 1 teaspoon!)


1. Bring ingredients to a boil and toss in your choice of meat (wings, shrimp, etc–) to coat.

2. Serve HOT!

*Recipe courtesy of RecipeZaar.

Simple enough. I didn’t have chicken wings, so I used chicken tenders instead. White meat. Good.

I blotted the moisture from my chicken tenders (I rinse my raw chicken tenders first because they are handled before they are packaged!) with a couple paper towels. Then, I dunked my tenders into a somewhat shallow bath of buttermilk. Let them hang out for a few minutes. While they were wading in the pool, I prepped my dry mixture. Here’s the secret.. wait for it.. finely food-processed saltine crackers (salted or unsalted). The saltine crackers are a great alternative to bread crumbs and I actually enjoy it more! My grandparents use the finely food-processed saltine cracker powder to bread their fried chicken and it’s delicious!! I’m addicted!

So, with my bowls of wet and dry ingredients ready, I also had a small bowl of unbleached all-purpose flour. I heated up 1/2 cup of oil into my pan on medium to medium high heat. While I waited for the pan and the oil to get hot, I started preparing the tenders for their fry. From their buttermilk bath, I coated each of them with the flour and set them onto a rack (I used a cooling rack). Once I floured all of my tenders, I started from one end of the rack– redunking into the buttermilk, then coating into the cracker mixture, and setting them back onto the rack.

The double dunk technique ensures that the tenders will be fully coated. The fattiness of the buttermilk definitely helps the dry ingredients stick! Setting the tenders onto the rack allow the excess of the dry mixtures to fall off the tender. You don’t want the excess to float around in the oil of the pan (those will turn into little burnt pieces)!

When frying chicken, try to be patient. I do my best to flip only once– looking for a nice golden crust. Once I plucked them from the pan, I set them onto a plate lined with a paper towel. The paper towel soaked up the excess oil on the tenders so they aren’t greasy tenders! A brown paper grocery bag works really well, too!

When my last few tenders are almost done cooking, I start heating up the buffalo sauce (using the recipe above). Cut down or double the recipe accordingly (whatever the amount you need for your chicken). The butter helps the Red Hot Franks stick to the chicken. (And from the comments posted on this recipe, it is important that you use RED HOT FRANKS hot sauce.) Because I already like the taste of Red Hot Frank’s hot sauce, I didn’t use 2 teaspoons of cayenne. I only used 1 teaspoon, which was the perfect amount of spiciness for me. The sauce heats up pretty quickly.

When everything was ready, I placed a few tenders (what I planned to eat) into a bowl and tossed just enough buffalo sauce to coat. I prefer not to overdo it. When the rest of the tenders were ready to be eaten, I heated up the sauce again and tossed it with the tenders. Don’t toss and sauce too early or else the tenders will get soggy.. and you want to enjoy them while the sauce is hot and the tenders are crisp!

The bright orangey-red color is incredible!! Serve with blue cheese dip, celery, and cornbread.. OR if you want to try something unique, consider pairing this with a blue cheese cornbread!!! I haven’t done it yet, but you know I will!

nom nom nom.



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